Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

The Last Letter for The Lost Boy

You again?! Are you came to me as a jerk or as my chum?!
You said 'the second'.
Ok, you came to me as my chum. So, what do you want?!
Oh, you dare me again?! How dare you?!
What am I supposed to do?!
Like usually; Listened to your sigh and love you like I'm a drug for you?!
Then you look at me, so deeply.
Something in your eyes makes me want to lose myself
You just hypnotized me... and I'd surrender.

We're just 'loving', like a lovers make some perfect moment.
But we're know, it's never be perfect.

Then we talked about all the missed thing
that we're not talked about before.

In the end, you said enough.
And you know what, that was I want it too.
I'd said, I'm done with you.
So that's it, we're done.
Let's celebrate our decision, for a good thing in our journey.
Bye-bye the lost boy... You're the only my chum in my life.
Hope you'll find your happiness with your choice's girl who called me
'the enemy'.

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